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Are you a 3d artist and feel that you cannot script? Well, I'm here to prove you wrong! Watch my video tutorial to see how easy it is to create a MEL script. 

No downloads needed! Just your own models.

Software: Maya 2017

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Have you ever looked at an animation or game, saw all the foliage and wonder how the industry does it? How can they have so many pieces of geometry at once?

I'll show you how! Using tools like Photoshop, we are going to create a texture that mimics leaves. We'll touch o...

Have you ever wanted to use a repeating texture and not sure how? 

I'll show you! In this video tutorial, we go over how to find repeating textures and use them in your Maya scene. We will cover nodes, the hypershade, diffuse/color, bump/normals, and more!


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