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Haroon reached out to me and ask for feedback on his character model, Iron Man. He is a very passionate person about the arts, and I couldn't say no! Here is my second 'guest' critique on Iron Man, for Haroon.

I hope this is helpful to you and to any listeners!

If you ar...

This tutorial shows how to retopologize a human female head in Maya 2016 using the Modeling Tool Kit.

This video teaches you basic retopology techniques, including quad draw, bridge and more.

Software: Maya 2016

Music: Olexandr Ignatov - Road to Success


Follow along as we build and model, Calico! In this video tutorial, we will model the hair and ears. I'll be going over how to create simple eyes, extruding from a curve, and more. Take a look! Also, this is a multi part video tutorial so keep an eye out for more!


Maya 2017 Essential Shortcut Keys 

In this video, we explore the essential Maya 2017 shortcut keys.  This tutorial will help speed up your workflow, become more efficient, and become a strong Maya user.

Shortcut keys that we use include snap to grid, extrude, group, pare...

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