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Haroon reached out to me and ask for feedback on his character model, Iron Man. He is a very passionate person about the arts, and I couldn't say no! Here is my second 'guest' critique on Iron Man, for Haroon.

I hope this is helpful to you and to any listeners!

If you ar...

Maya 2017 Essential Shortcut Keys 

In this video, we explore the essential Maya 2017 shortcut keys.  This tutorial will help speed up your workflow, become more efficient, and become a strong Maya user.

Shortcut keys that we use include snap to grid, extrude, group, pare...

Follow along as we build and model, Calico! In this video tutorial, we will be going over how to set up model the torso and arm in Maya. I will also show you how to attach the leg to the torso. This is a multi part video tutorial so keep an eye out for more!

Concept Art...

Are you a 3d artist and feel that you cannot script? Well, I'm here to prove you wrong! Watch my video tutorial to see how easy it is to create a MEL script. 

No downloads needed! Just your own models.

Software: Maya 2017

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Have you ever looked at an animation or game, saw all the foliage and wonder how the industry does it? How can they have so many pieces of geometry at once?

I'll show you how! Using tools like Photoshop, we are going to create a texture that mimics leaves. We'll touch o...

Have you ever wanted to use a repeating texture and not sure how? 

I'll show you! In this video tutorial, we go over how to find repeating textures and use them in your Maya scene. We will cover nodes, the hypershade, diffuse/color, bump/normals, and more!


No Downloads Necessary. (It's just a high poly cylinder!)


Hey guys, this is Monica at Academic Phoenix Plus and today I wanted to show you how to deform your object so that you can accelerate your modeling. Maya has a lot of great tools that you

can use to def...

 No downloads necessary. Just a thank you!


2k? Thank you! Plus a Surprise!

Hey guys, this is Monica at Academic Phoenix Plus and I can't believe it.  I took a look at my subscribers and I have over 2,000 subscribers.  Not only that, I have over 128 thousand vi...

I had a great time creating this tutorial. I hope this is helpful in creating more realistic models! 


Beveled Edges in Maya 2017

Hey guys, this is Monica at Academic Phoenix Plus and today I wanted to go over Beveling Edges. The purpose of Beveling Edges is th...

May 9, 2017

This tutorial is dedicated to the Maya beginners. As new 3D artist, UVs can be a challenge and there are a common thread in making mistakes during UV mapping. This tutorial is to show you how to fix, cut and sew your UVs. Good UVs = Good Texture Layout!

No download av...

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