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Hi Creators,

In this video series, we are going to model, texture and light a Sci Fi Room! In part 1, we will learn how to quickly model some hover chairs and table. We will be using tools such as Extrude, EP Curve Tool, Torus, and more! 

If you wait to the end, you will...

Hi Creators,

I've been getting several request to create a new tutorial that goes over fundamental modeling, UV mapping and texturing. Here it is!

In this tutorial, we cover how to model, UV map and texture a modern desk with assets. This is the first of several videos....

Haroon reached out to me and ask for feedback on his character model, Iron Man. He is a very passionate person about the arts, and I couldn't say no! Here is my second 'guest' critique on Iron Man, for Haroon.

I hope this is helpful to you and to any listeners!

If you ar...

This tutorial shows how to retopologize a human female head in Maya 2016 using the Modeling Tool Kit.

This video teaches you basic retopology techniques, including quad draw, bridge and more.

Software: Maya 2016

Music: Olexandr Ignatov - Road to Success


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