Thank you for 2K Subscribers!

No downloads necessary. Just a thank you!


2k? Thank you! Plus a Surprise!

Hey guys, this is Monica at Academic Phoenix Plus and I can't believe it. I took a look at my subscribers and I have over 2,000 subscribers. Not only that, I have over 128 thousand views.

You know what's weird is that I started this channel in 2014. The reason why I started this channel was for my students. As a full-time instructor, I wanted to make sure that my students got as much content as possible. So I created these videos to help them with their 3d skills. What's weird is that when I posted these videos, people from all over the world started watching and started subscribing. Not only that, they were asking for more. You know, since I enjoyed making them… why not!

I honestly never expected to get over 2,000 people to subscribe. To me, that's amazing. Thank you so much. It's a gift for me and as a gift in return, I have a little bit of a surprise for you. A lot of comments I've received is they wanted to follow along and they also wanted to know where the files can be downloaded. At the time, I didn't have anything but as a huge thank you to you, I took a chunk of time to actually create a website. And it's called

Here you're going to find, well a home page. You can go to tutorials and watch the videos here consecutively. You can just press play and watch all the modeling, all the texturing, all the lighting, all the rigging and UV mapping that you want. Furthermore, over here under Free Downloads, you can download the files that I used on the tutorials. Please feel free to use them. You just have to click in here, and then you can download them directly right here on this link. Hopefully that will help you develop your skills more.

There is also a Members Only section where you can sign in for free. This is going to have a couple of more advanced models that I really spent a lot of time creating. I want to make sure that they're secure and that is from people that I trust. I do spend hours and hours creating this content and material for you. If you can spare it, please Donate. Or you can also purchase my beloved model. I really try to make it worth it for you.

Thank you so much for all the subscriptions. You guys are amazing. I love seeing your work and how you grow as artists. You're more than welcome to always leave a comment. I'm always listening let me know what you think. Subscribe to my channel. Sign up as a member to my website so you can keep in tabs with me and thank you again. I will see you next time.

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