Texture a Sci-Fi Room using Arnold for Maya

Hi Creators,

This is the third and last tutorial to complete the Sci-Fi Room! In the previous tutorials, we learned how to model, light and animate the sci fi room. In this tutorial, we will texture and finish lighting our environment. All textures are procedural made too, so awesome!.

Don't forget about the PLUS side at the end! I'll show you how to animate the Incandescence! It's a full packed tutorial.

In this tutorial, we cover how to use aiNoise, specularity, animate textures, and more!

Previous tutorials: How to Model the Sci Fi Room

Previous tutorials: How to Light and use Incandescence in the Sci Fi Room

Download the FREE model at: https://www.academicphoenixplus.com/downloads

Software used: Maya 2018, Arnold

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