Video Series: Match to Life

Hi Creators,

In this video tutorial series, we will be covering how to match a cg object to a photograph. This is called "Match to Life". This will involve several advanced methods such as compositing, lighting to match the real environment, the dome, and such more!

It's a 4 part series, which you can find below :)

Download the 3D model at:

Software used: Maya 2018, Arnold, After Effects


Part 1: Scene Set Up

This tutorial is part 1, where we set up the camera and place the object in the scene. Capturing the perspective is going to be very important so your models will match the real object.

Part 2: Scene Set Up

This tutorial is part 2, where we light our scene so that it matches the photo. We will be tweaking textures, adding lights to help create accurate shadows, and so much more!

Part 3: Scene Set Up

This tutorial is part 3 of the series. We will set up our Maya scene to get it ready for compositing. We will create render layers and AOVs, including occlusion, reflections, diffuse, specularity and more!

Part 4: Scene Set Up

This tutorial is part 4, the final video, of the series. We will hop into After Effects, take all of our hard work and composite a final image. We will import our rendered images, use curves, different modes, and so much more!


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