Video Series: 3D Lighting using Maya's Lights!

Hi Creators,

Lighting is fundamental in making your 3D scenes look spectacular. With proper use of color theory and Maya's 3D lighting tools, you can make your average environment or character stand out. However, lighting can also make your scene look flat and lifeless, which is something every 3D artist should avoid.

Therefore, I created these video tutorials to help you demystify Maya's lighting toolkit and Arnold renderer. Additionally, I go over color theory and characteristics of great lighting. I also added extra bonus material to help make your scenes look top notch!

Check it out!

Sunset or daylight? No problem! Quickly create some beautiful exterior scenes by using Maya's Physical Sky!

Are you working on an interior scene. Try using IES Lights. These easy to use lights will make any interior design render look photoreal and stunning!

If you want to 3D scenes to have beautiful lighting and realistic reflections, go no further than HDRI lighting!

Bonus Material!

Learn how to create caustics by using repeating images. It's fast, efficient and only takes minutes to render!

If your scene has candles or any other light source that flickers, this tutorial is for you. Learn how to create flicker lights with MEL expressions. This will make your scene pop!

I hope that was helpful in understanding the wonderful world of lighting using Arnold for Maya. With these tutorials, you'll be able to not only understand the lighting toolkit, but also implement fantastic lighting to make your 3D scenes stand out!

Keep creating and see you in the next tutorial!


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