Video Series: Explore Dynamics in Maya

Hi Creators,

One of the most powerful tools in Maya is dynamics! You can create multiple simulations like cloth, smoke, particles and more! I've put a list of video tutorials I recently created in this particular subject.

I hope this helps you explore Maya a bit further and add the extra POP in your pieces. :)

Let's start with...

1) Introduction to nCloth

2) A bit more advanced nCloth

3) Fun nCloth to create a flapping flag!

4) Explore making Smoke using Maya's Fluids

5) Learn about particles, specifically Bloobies!

6) Shatter Glass using rigid dynamics

Dynamics can be a big overwhelming, but once you get a hang of it, it's a lot of fun!

I really hope you find these video tutorials helpful!

Keep creating and see you in the next tutorial!


aka Academic Phoenix


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