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I'm Monica, aka Academic Phoenix Plus. I'm an artist, art director, and teacher. This website focuses on tutorials primarily for Maya, Photoshop and After Effects.

Why should you listen to me? I've been a professor for 10 years, have over 30+ film festival awards, and I worked in the animation industry for 8 years: I contributed to animations like the Way to Heaven, PBS, Miles, shorts and more. 

Creating good art is hard enough without the tools getting in the way. Let me make things easier for you!

This is a (mostly) free resource for digital tutorials!  

Monica (aka Academic Phoenix Plus)

Without your support, this site wouldn't exist! 

I'm passionate about education and 3D. I get great satisfaction in helping others, especially seeing their art skills grow. Let me help you become a stronger artist! Watch my videos, subscribe to my newsletter, and let's start creating!

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I'm here to help. :)

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