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All models are for educational purposes only.  Please give credit when using models on your projects. 

Mixamo Auto Rig Tool
3D Mode: Grapes and Wine
3D Model: HDRI Lighting
Follow along as we explore HDRI Lighting in Maya!
IES Files
These are the files to use for Photometric lighting
3D Model: Underwater Scene
This model is used to display Maya's aiFog and atmosphere fog. Original models from 3D Lighting Challenge.
3D Model: Toy Car
Download file and follow along!
Maya Beginner: UV Mapping Tutorial
4 tutorials, free ebook, cheat sheet
FREE Video Training + ebook
3D Model: Stool
This is a 3d model to follow a tutorial on uv mapping.
3D Model: Beginner UV Mapping
3D Model: Sci Fi Room
Follow along as we model and texture a Sci Fi Room!
3D Model: Double Sided Texture
Models, Maya Scenes, Textures and video tutorial. Download now!
3D Model: Dragon + Shader
ou will find 3d models of the the dragon from start to finish. This will include the jade dragon with basic shader as well as the dragon fully lit with procedural textures.
3D Model: Vines and Textures
In this digital package, you will find 3d models of the completed vine, including the start and final Maya Scene.

This package contains:

Textures including alphas
UV snapshots
Complete Maya file
Scene lighting

This is also ready for importing into the Unreal Engine.

Download and follow along here!

3D Model: Modern Desk
This is a 3D model of a modern desk with assets. This was created following a video tutorial. In this download you will find separate Maya files including completed modeling, completed UVs and textures.

Reference images, Maya files and textures are included.

Download and follow along here:

3D Models: Wine Glass, Happy Buddha
These 3D models were used to explore the Arnold shaders, specifically glass.

Want to follow along? Download the files and watch the free video tutorial here:


Happy Buddha 3D model is originally from the Standord 3d Scanning Repository: http://graphics.stanford.edu/data/3Dscanrep/
3D Model: Happy Buddha
Happy Buddha is used to explore the Arnold shaders in Maya.

Download the file and follow along! Watch the tutorials here:


Original models from the Standord 3d Scanning Repository: http://graphics.stanford.edu/data/3Dscanrep/
3D Model: Complete Female Character
In this digital package, you will find:

Posed model with connected textures
Model UV ready
Maya light set-up
Final renders
After Effects file

Download the file and follow along! https://youtu.be/1ZyGqhpw4XY
3D Model: 1920s Vehicle
This 1920s vehicle 3D model is used for two popular video tutorials:

Texture a Vehicle using Mental Ray Shaders in Maya (https://youtu.be/Xz3Tn16Z2-Y) and

Studio Lighting Set-Up Using Maya (https://youtu.be/qvvs50Kpo3E)

3D Model for educational purposes only.
3D Model: Shader Ball
This file was used to see how Arnold shaders work in Maya.

Want to follow along? Download the file and watch the tutorials here!

3D Model: Leather Book
This 3D model of a book was used to create a leather book with gold trimming. This follows a tutorial on How to Texture a Leather Book.

Download the file and follow along!

Images: Calico Reference
These reference images where used to follow along in the tutorial: How to Model Calico

Want to follow along? Download the images and watch the video tutorial here:

Images: Tangled Vines
In this download, you will find the image files for the video tutorial Create Tangled Vines in Maya 2018, Photoshop and Arnold.

Download the files and follow along!


Images can also be found in textures.com

Reference images found in all mighty Google.
3D Model: Alpha Plant
This is the 3d models and textures used for the video tutorial: How to Create Leaves (Alpha Plant) in Maya 2017

Download the FREE files and follow along!

Images: Tire Treads
Follow along the video tutorial, How to Model Tire Treads using Maya. https://youtu.be/Z7BE9ApbBZU

You'll find everything you need to create high detail tires in Maya, including reference images, graphics and an easy formula to calculate spokes.
3D Model: Female Character
Practice your human UV Unwrapping with this 3d model! Download for FREE a female character!

Follow along for free in this video tutorial, How to UV Mapping a Female Body. https://youtu.be/Jus8OaL8xSc
Renders: Female Character
This FREE digital download is for the video tutorial, Color/Occlusion/Wireframe Turntable.

Download the renders and composite them in After Effects!
3D Model: Haunted Hallway
Want to follow along the video tutorial: How to Create Repeating Textures in Maya 2017?

Here is the file you can download for FREE, which includes the model and textures!
3D Model: Table and Cube
This file was used for the FREE video tutorial, Bevel Edges in Maya 2017.

Check out the video here! https://www.academicphoenixplus.com/single-post/2017/06/29/How-to-Bevel-Edges-in-Maya-2017
3D Model: Hand
In the FREE video tutorial, UV Mapping in Maya: Arm, I used this model.

Feel free to use it as an exercise to improve your UV mapping skills!

Here is the video: https://youtu.be/sgwPeuA4sko
3D Model: Low-Poly Barrel
This is a 3d model of a low-poly barrel. UV ready with textures.

The 3d model and textures are used for the videos tutorials: Texture a Barrel.

Check out the video!

Download the file here! https://gum.co/LowPolyBarrel
3D Model: Simple Still Life
A 3D model of a simple still life. This model is used for the video tutorial:

How to Create a Wireframe Occlusion Turntable - https://youtu.be/OYs5HLaIyEY
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