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Land Your Dream Job

in the Animation Industry

...even if you are a beginner!

Available NOW!


Hi, I'm Monica, aka Academic Phoenix Plus. 

I've been a professor for 9 years, and I worked in the animation industry for 8 years. I've helped prepare hundreds of artists land their first, second and third job. These includes positions from all over the animation production pipeline, including Animators, Lighters, Texture Artists, Technical Directors, and more!

Artist who have taken my courses have landed in awesome companies.

Here are some... you may recognize them!

Disney Interactive Logo
Pixar logo
Google logo
ILM logo

Through trial and error, I have found the essential skills artist need to land their dream job in the animation field.  This information has only been seen by students who pay hundreds of dollars in education. But now, I am opening it up to the masses.... For FREE!

The FREE video training will cover:

  • 5 Essential Skills Employers are Looking For

  • 4 Pro Tips that Will Help You Break into the Industry

  • The 60 - 30 - 10 Rule

  • Bonus: FREE eBook

  • Bonus: FREE Cheat Sheets per video


I have found that there's a common thread among the ones who made it big.

Want to learn what it is?

Results vary among participants. There are a lot factors that come in landing a job in the industry.

I'm here to help you achieve your goals.

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