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Texturing for Beginners

Learn the essential skills needed to understand how to use Maya to create amazing textures.

Are you an artist that has created amazing 3D models in Maya, but want to take them to the next level? Have you ever wondered how industry professionals create textures that make environments and characters come to life? Then this eCourse is for you.

I’m Monica and you may know me as Academic Phoenix. Join me in learning the essential skills needed to understand how to create beautiful textures using software like Maya, Photoshop and the render engine Arnold. In my eCouse, I’ll take you through the important features of Maya, and teach you how to texture complicated 3D objects. We’ll be touching on shader creation, textures, UV Mapping, rendering and more.

AND, there’s bonus material at the end!

By the end of this course, you will have a solid workflow for texturing that will give you the confidence to texture any model that you create.

Learn the Fundamentals of Autodesk Maya

  • Install Maya

  • Learn Maya's Hypershade

  • Create unique shaders

  • Mix shaders together

  • Combine your scene together

  • Bonus Material!

Why Autodesk Maya?

Autodesk Maya is an industry standard software that is used by many animation, game and visual effects companies. By learning Maya, you'll have the knowledge to be able to create anything in 3D. All the theories that you will learn, can also apply to numerous other 3D software packages.


What Does This eCourse Offer?

This eCourse consist of 23 Autodesk Maya lessons where you will learn to use Maya's User Interface, manipulate shaders objects, create beautiful textures, and so much more.

Not only will you understand the essential tools to create 3D textures in Maya, you will also have access to a complimentary eBook and all the completed Maya files for you to reference!

So, if you are interested in learning more about how major animations and games are made, then have a seat and join me for this course.


Vitor Ramalhete

Really good series and the explanation is great. Monica goes in the right pace so we can get all the information that is needed.

Sophie Licata

Only just started but she is explaining things brilliantly. Thanks

Marcela Baltarete

Love the way it's structured.The tutor has a captivating voice.

Sample Video Lesson

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