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Create Character Hair with XGen

Hair is an essential part of your character, so let's make it realistic with XGen! In this video series, we'll be covering how to create hair, eyebrows and eyelashes.

Since you spent so much time on your character, let's light it so that it really makes your character pop!

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damien radymskylanders
damien radymskylanders
22 Φεβ 2023

How to export it as mesh for video games

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Saniyyah Rahman
Saniyyah Rahman
17 Δεκ 2021

I appreciate you sharing this so much!! I'd like to think of myself as a good modeler, however I know I'm way out of practice and needed to update my skills in Maya 2022. It is really hard finding current videos and I mean not dated out 6 mths or more out. This Xgen thing had me mind boggled!! Thank you too much for this!! #ForeverASub #MayaCurrentTutsFTW

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