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ZBrush Basics Tutorial Series

ZBrush is an industry-standard software used to create 3D models and detail existing models. Learn the fundamentals of ZBrush and how it integrates into Maya and other software!

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Keith Yakouboff
Keith Yakouboff
Aug 23, 2022

Hi again, I think most people message you on your YouTube pages (I've done that as well, but this was easier for me). I got your response to my message below, and I would say that you might want to consider adding UE to your repertoire. By all appearances it is the wave of the future, and it's already starting to crash the shoreline.

But, I have a question about creating a normal map within ZBrush. Have you done this? I gave myself a practice project (a tree stump), and made a 4-mil polygon model. I want to create normals within ZBrush (I know you can do this in Maya, but I want to learn this within ZBrush first). However,…


Keith Yakouboff
Keith Yakouboff
Jan 30, 2022

Hello Ms. Phoenix. You probably don't remember me, but my name is Keith, and I've communicated with you from time to time about your tutorials. I almost always have positive things to say. I appreciate your intro to ZBrush here as well, but I wanted to say that the last few minutes or so of your first video, devoted to saving and opening files, was very confusing. Usually you are very clear and straightforward, but on this I was thoroughly confused. You move the cursor too quickly to select menu options so I can barely follow what you are doing, if at all, and your face covers the menus in question. Yes, I could figure it out, but I had…

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